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I’ve really enjoyed sharing my stories with you about the projects I have developed for our Yr 9 Social Studies class. I may not have explained that at our school Social Studies is a subject that integrates English, History and Geography. I have had my ups and downs over the year but I always remember that I am there to provide engaging learning experiences for my students and to help make a difference.

I was able to put together a little imovie for you – it’s about 20 minutes – but for me it captures the positive learning experiences my students have shared over these last few weeks where English has been embraced by Yr 9. For the most part, the kids are the cameramen. We shared some collaborative feedback for Book in A Day under various headings rotating around the class as you will see in the film. I then asked the boys to form two questions that would be the basis of their filmed discussion.

This is evidence to me that the evaluation process is not limited to just a sheet a paper but can be enjoyable and interactive too! Let me tell you – I have an absolutely amazing class!


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